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    Drywall repairs are easy.  Cut a square or rectangle around the patch, and attach wood backer around the patch opening leaving half the wood exposed around the opening.  Screw attach the new drywall around the patch leaving a space of 1/16 to 1/4".  Wet the space with water or thinned compound, and use the ButtTaper tool to create the tapered edge about the patch.

     While using a setting compound the �" tape is unnecessary or use the �" tape with joint compound.

     Alternatively, use drywall as the backer instead of an OSB board or plywood.  Apply a thin layer of setting compound on the drywall backer and secure it to the old drywall with 1-5/8" cement board screws.  Use the same method for the new drywall patch, and finish as instructed for butt joints.

     For increased speed, use a heat gun or hair dryer to speed the setting drying between coats.

     View the demonstration video showing a repair on this website.

Note: 1-5/8" cement board screws are the best drywall laminating screws as the nip under the bugle head of the screw sinks the screw into the drywall.  Remove the screws after the setting compound on the drywall backer sets and reuse the screws on other patches.  Do not use 1-1/4" cement board screws as they do not bind the boards well.

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