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U.S. Patent No. 6,913,814 B2

Canada Patent Pending


     Utilizing the ButtTaper system with the backer board in between the studs has the following advantages over the current conventional method of 2-1/16" tape over a butt joint on a wooden or steel stud:

  • The backer board contains only 4 to 5% moisture while a wooden stud/joist contains 18 to 19%.  Practically, no wood shrinkage to damage the butt joint.

  • Since the butt joint is off the stud/joist, it is not subjected to any direct forces.

  • The drywall is bonded to a minimum 4" backer board; a greater area of the drywall is bonded than on the 1-1/2" wooden stud/joist rendering a stronger installation as tested by the National Association of Home Builders at their Research Center.  The ButtTaper system can withstand about 3,000 pounds more force in compression and 400 pounds more in tension than the traditional method on a stud.  Please read the complete NAHB Test Report on this website.

  • The butt joint boards have a clean undamaged edge.  The edge has not been weakened by screws or nails allowing for a stronger more secure installation.  The end paper is tapered down and is not loose; no need to cut a �V� edge notch in the butt joint to prevent ridging.

  • The butt boards are secured on a flat plane.

  • Setting compounds can be economically used on all three finishing coats rendering a faster finishing process.  Setting compounds such as Easy-Sand and DuraBond are not affected by humidity and moisture, one of the principal causes of drywall failure, and offer a stronger bond than joint compounds.

  • Tremendous savings in labor and material.  The creation of the tapered edge and the finishing process requires less than 2 minutes with very little compound.  Faster for the sheetrockers; 2" on each side to properly screw the butt boards.

  • No callbacks, and gains a competitive edge with a superior monolithic drywall finish resulting in a far superior appearance of the project; no crown or chair molding curvature. Window, door and base board casing is straight.

  •  Eliminates any butt joint debates with your customers, general contractors and painters.  A more aesthetic drywall finish sure to please yourself and everyone else.

  • Allows for the usage of glossy paints without the fear of shadowing and eliminates the necessity for texturing.


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